Creating Financial Statements notes


How do you create financial statement notes in quicksight as well as roll ups?

Can you give an example of what you are looking for?

Thank you for responding. I am trying to create a financial statement note in quicksight. I dont know if calls would work to explain.

I need steps to create the attached in quicksight


What does your data format look like?

Can you add a description as a field in your data and then in quicksight use those as rows in a pivot table? For you columns you would need to similarly format those as a field as well.

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F you look at the highlighted amount, its picking from a particular section of the general ledger, subledger and cost center. So from the excel formular for each amount used to calculate i identify these 3.

Then there are subtotals such as the 8.44m on insurance service expense. Its adding the 8.47m and the highlighted -15m ( which have their own formulars of where we are picking from.

So how do I create a drill down such that when i cliclick on the insurance service expense it will drill downand show the 2 amounts giving us that total then when i click those 2 amounts they drill down into the accounts; GL, Subledger, and cost center ?

In a pivot table you can expand based on the column.


Expands to this


Or you can look into actions, parameters and filters linked to parameters.