Creating multiple forecasts

Hi, I want to use the forecast functionality and need to understand if it’s possible to

  1. Forecast one metric on a graph displaying different lines (ex. one line per region)
  2. If #1 is not possible, can I export multiple forecasts at the same time (all forecasts are on different line graphs)
  3. Forecast one line and comparing that forecast to another metric on the same graph without forecasting that metric (ex. comparing QS forecast against last year’s planning cycle)


Hi @fretan ,

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  1. Currently, our forecasting algorithm doesn’t support dimensional group bys, but it does support up to 3 simultaneous metrics. How many regions do you have in your dataset? What you could do is create calculated fields, one for each region, that represents only the target measure values for that region. e.g., ifelse({region} = ‘REGION NAME’, {measure}, 0), and give that calculated field the same name as the region name. Now, you can add up to 3 of those calculated fields to a single line chart and forecasting will be applied to each line.
  2. Unfortunately exporting is not possible, but this is a common feature request. Can you tell me a little more about the use case for this - would you just need it as a workaround for number 1, or are there other contexts in which you would want to export?
  3. Unfortunately there is not a way to compare between different forecasts, but this is related to number 2. The capability to export, and/or to use the forecasted values as separate measures in your dataset, would allow you to do custom calculations between them.
  1. Interesting, tho I have 16 regions so that might be too many calculated fields to keep track of
  2. I need a forecast for each region and each one requires a different range of max & min for the forecast. Hence, the need for a line graph for each region. Once the forecast is created we want to export it to use in Excel and I would have to do that 16 times each week. It would be great if they would all be consolidated for a single export

@fretan 2. Makes sense. The reason that the limitation on the number of metrics is in place today is because line chart type visuals start to get noisy the more metrics and forecasts you add. We would not have the same issue with something like a table. I’m curious, if it was possible to forecast on tables (with theoretically a much larger limit on the number of dimensional values in the group by) and export from there, would that also meet your needs?

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Yes, that would be even better! When I export from the line chart, the data is already in a table format, so it would make sense for QS to add this functionality. If I could add all regions in a single table that would make my exporting much simpler

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Makes sense to me! I will mark my first reply as the solution for now, and will report back when we are able to prioritize this enhancement to forecasting.


Adding to @fretan use case, it would be soooooo nice to have forecast in table format & available for download.

For example, I’d like to download GMS forecast for 2 ITKs presented in one visual. However, now I could only export one ITK’s forecast data.

The downloaded data looks like this