Creating new dataset using RDS source type versus AURORA

We are using Aurora and when creating QuickSight datasets, I have been selecting RDS as the source type. It seems to work fine but then I recently noticed there is a more specific option to choose AURORA as the dataset source type. Is there any real difference? Do I gain anything by changing my existing datasets over to use the Aurora dataset source type? Thanks much!

@mkenrich what is the data source you are starting with? RDS or Aurora? We havent added any new option lately to our connectors so i am trying to identify first where you see the option.

The actual source database we are using is Aurora. It looks like we can use either the RDS or Aurora option to create the data set for QuickSight however the RDS one seems to request less information so I have been using that one. Is there any downside to that approach? Thanks!

They use different drivers in the backend so if your needs are met with RDS, continue using it. I think there is no need for you to start updating your connections.

Hi, i have the same question, what is de difference or de benefit to use RDS over Aurora or Postgresql