Creating Paginated Reports from multiple dashboards

Hi Experts,
Is it possible to create a paginated report from mulitple dashboards?
I need to get visuals from multiple dashboards and club it into one report.
Is it possible ?


Hi @syed_imran

I would suggest that you can try and build multiple visuals from different datasets in one report which should solve the same purpose.


Thanks @Aneek_Arora for quick response.
I was looking for a possibility where i dont have to rewrite the same queries just for few visuals from each dataset.

Is there anyway I can achieve this via APIs?

Hello @syed_imran !

I do not believe this is possible. I will mark this as a feature request for the Quicksight team.

Hi @syed_imran,

You can look at the new Snapshot Export APIs that were launched with Paginated Reporting recently. Using this approach you could 1/ generate a paginated PDF from separate sheets, 2/ post processing combine the separate PDFs into 1 output.

You can take a look at the blog post that doesn’t have the same use case, but shows how the APIs work: Automate financial statements using Amazon QuickSight Snapshot Export APIs | AWS Business Intelligence Blog