Creating waterfall chart

Trying to create a waterfall chart with the following data:

Year	Amounts	Breakdown
2018	10000	Start
2018	2000	Add
2018	-1000	Drop
2019	3000	Add
2019	-1000	Drop
2020	4000	Add
2020	-2000	Drop```

but I don't seem to be able to get a coherent visual. Do I need to reorganize my data?
What is the breakdown in this instance?

Here's what I get with that data:

![Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 3.44.22 PM|663x500](upload://93rGsWgIuKiNr6OhPhaW0zXfz94.png)

Hi @momnotmom
sadly we can see the screenshot.

OK, here is JPG

What do you expect. Seems the input data are not matching the visual data?

For 2018 I would expect to see 10000
For add next to it, a 2000 increase
For Drop next to that a 1000 decrease
and so on.

Something like this would be ideal:

So the question is am I presenting the data incorrectly, or am I constructing the chart incorrectly?
Or does the chart simply not work?

The documentation is minimal; this seems like it should be so simple, but this result doesn’t even come close to matching the data. Nowhere do I specify a 10000 decrease in the data. How does it get that?

I am really confused.

Other packages like Power Bi it is very clear.

Can anyone provide a very simple example of a periodic time period representation with an amount at the start of the period in a waterfall chart, with the dataset and field wells clearly delineated? What is the group column and what ids the breakdown column in the data? Thank you.

Hi @momnotmom

What if you adjust the x-axis field?
Something like:


Hi @momnotmom
any update on your side?