Cross-account data source access

Is there an option for cross-account data source sharing?

Our case is that we want to author the analysis and dashboards in a single “author” QuickSight account, and then these reports would get deployed to many AWS accounts to be consumed. However, when designing reports, we need to design them against live data sets, which is where the data source sharing comes in.

We don’t want to share the database connection details cross-account. Just the ability to create data sets from a data source in another account.

Yes, it is a common use case for QuickSight. For the detail steps and sample scripts, you may refer to here Porting Content :: QuickSight DevOps

Hi @royyung I think I have watched this workshop already. I don’t remember it talking about being able to share data sources across accounts. I’ll give it another scan then. Thanks.

hi @m0ltar , sorry, may be I get it wrong before. Do you mean account B dataset pointing to account A’s data source? If yes, QuickSight do not support this setup. The use case I mentioned is for deployment from Dev to Prod account. therefore, data source will be different in different accounts to provide an isolated environment between Dev and Prod. If the requirement is for multi-tenant architecture, we do have a feature called “Namespace” for user isolation in the same QuickSight account Embed multi-tenant analytics in applications with Amazon QuickSight | AWS Big Data Blog

Yes, that’s what I meant.

Maybe there is another solution that can fit with our workflow.

Basically, we have a multi-tenant application, with an account-based tenancy. Each client has its own deployment of the ETL pipeline.

But the reports are the same across the accounts.

When we develop the reports, we need to work with the production data source, as we do not have real-world, representative data in our staging (QA) and/or the account where the QuickSight for authors is setup.

So what we want, is to be able to point the central QuickSight account, to any tenant account and be able to develop reports for them from a central account.

@m0ltar thank you for providing more clarity about the requirements. Please see below two links that guide you on how to setup QuickSight to access data sources such as Redshift/RDS/S3 setup in another AWS account.
1/ Set up cross-account access from Amazon Quicksight to S3
2/ Amazon QuickSight deployment models for cross-account and cross-Region access to Amazon Redshift and Amazon RDS
3/Use Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight in a cross-account environment | AWS Big Data Blog

Let us know if this helps in solving your use case.


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