Cross account migration of QS reports

Hi everyone,

I am looking for some inputs around feasibility of migrating a dashboard from one QS account to another. Firstly, is this doable? or do we need to redo all stages of development to transfer an existing report from 1 account to another?

If it’s possible, could someone please share the steps to follow and things to lookout for?

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Hi @Akhil -

It is doable. QuickSight has an extensive API that will help you migrate dashboards across accounts.

As with all cross-account processes you’ll want to look out for permissions. You’ll need to setup the correct level of access in both accounts.

The basic steps;

  1. Create templates in the source account
  2. Copy the templates into the target account
  3. Create objects in the target account

Migration Automation BIOps: Amazon QuickSight object migration and version control | AWS Big Data Blog .

Python/Boto3: amazon-quicksight-sdk-proserve/7_Incremental_Migration.ipynb at master · aws-samples/amazon-quicksight-sdk-proserve · GitHub.

Python/Boto3/Lambda: amazon-quicksight-sdk-proserve/Migration-scripts/cdk/lambda at master · aws-samples/amazon-quicksight-sdk-proserve · GitHub

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Thank you, I will explore this option. Appreciate you providing the reference links.