Cross Filtering between different datasets using a calculated field

Hi All,

I’ve different datasets with some common fields, I’ve a calculated field, in both datasets, that depends from another field.

Dataset A - field A - calculated field B based on A value
Dataset X - field A - calculated field B based on A value

Now I want a visual that is using Dataset A and the field B, be able to filter another visual that is using Dataset X and the field B, through the field B value (that is the same).

I tried with an action “filter same sheet visuals”, I have there field B and visual of dataset X but when I click the value B on Dataset A visual, is not filtering the visual on Dataset X.


Filter Actions do support cross dataset filtering provided fields names across the two datasets are the same. Have you setup Filter Actions correctly as per the documentation here Using Custom Actions for Filtering and Navigating - Amazon QuickSight ?

Hi @pandiri , yes the calculated field name is exactly the same, as well as its definition. They depend from another field (not calculated) in each dataset called exactly the same.
It is not working, any suggestion on what could be the issue here?


I finally found what the issue was. Basically if you have multiple fields in the Filters Scope section, and at least one of them is not the same (or not present) in the other dataset, you must select only the custom fields manually. You cannot use the “All fields” settings, if not, also the common field won’t work.