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I have a dashboard with a Pivot Table with nested data in both dimensions. The visual limitations mean that it is only practical to show nested data on one axis. My consumers want to be able to dive deeper into their data than the Pivot Table allows, and I want them to be able to download the raw CSV dataset. Is there a way to provide a simple link for downloading a dataset (complete with filters and calculated fields implemented in the Visual) in a CSV format? The only option I can come up with is to create a table with the raw data, which is functional but visually unappealing.

You want the whole dataset but your pivot table is different than the whole dataset?

Currently this is not possible unless you make a table with all the columns and link to it with actions that have filters and parameters associated with it.

I can mark it as a feature request.

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My placeholder solution is as you described.
Thank you for adding this feature request.

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Thanks @Max. Thanks @heraclitus.