CSV export does not show grand total row


I created a report with table visual and enabled grand total at the bottom of the report. When i export the data into CSV, the grand total row is not showing in the exported CSV. I can see the grand total row in Excel exported but we have excel export limitations.

Please let me is this Quicksight limitation or i need to do any settings.

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Hi @hanumantha.muchumari - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for posting the question. Yes, you are correct when you will extract the data in csv format, you will NOT get the Total value as part of extraction, however when you will export as excel, you can see the total value as a row.

For csv file, the data needs to be delimited by a field and this may be a reason ( not 100% sure) total value is not visible. let’s hear from other experts on this.

Hi @Koushik_Muthanna @shravya @David_Wong - any advise on this?

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hello @hanumantha.muchumari and @Sanjeeb2022

Currently, it is expected behavior in QuickSight where exporting pivot table or table to CSV will NOT have totals.

This is a use case that has been requested as a result there is already an existing feature request to add support for pivot tables/ tables to show totals when exported to CSV.

At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service. I have tagged this as a feature request.

Thanks for reaching out.


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Thank you @Adedolapo for the confirmation and details.

Regards - Sanjeeb