Cumulative bar chart is not displaying all data when grouped

I have a cumulative stacked bar chart. I have the date along the bottom filtered to the last 30 days. And then i have the amount of cases which is being cumulated. I then go to group these cumulated cases by a field, however when i do so it doesn’t use previous data when no data for a day is found.

Before Group:

After Group:


On October 15th, it only displays the group relating to the colour blue. This is because it is the only group where the count is increased. However i still want to see all previous counts in this column, even if the count isn’t increased.

Any replies is appreciated

Hi @HarveyB-B

so you are looking into the increase on the day (1) or the overall increase (2)?
(2) could be a case for

(1) i’m not sure how to and if it wouldnt be confusing.


The overall increase for each month. The first screenshot i sent is what i want, however i want to add colours (grouping it) . When i do so, it then removes any groups where the count for that date is not increased - Screenshot 2. My final result should be the first screenshot i sent, but grouped without data being removed.

This is the calculated field i used for it


The only other thing I’ve noticed is that when i group it, the count of these cases are increased by 2-3. The only reason i can think as of why this does this is because what i group will have 1 as a minimum. i.e. a case will have a count of 1, but what i am grouping it by could have a count of 10, therefore it adds that count to the cases count? Not too sure how to solve this, and unfortunately cannot say what the group value is. I may be able to reply with a fake scenario which has a similar concept

If you know any reasons as to why this does this, please feel free to respond. As well as if you have any other further replies for my previous reply.


Before grouping:


After grouping:


Had to hide fields as confidential.

All seems confusing even for me, so not looking for an immediate or correct response, more just replies from knowledgeable users.


Hello @HarveyB-B and @ErikG !

@HarveyB-B are you still running into this problem or were you able to resolve this? If you were able to find a solution could you post it to help the community?

Hello @HarveyB-B and @ErikG !

It has been some time since there has been activity on this but we would still like to help find a solution.

My recommendation, if you are open to changing the bar chart style, would be to break each group out to its own calculation to use the runningsum function.

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