Cumulative Trend Graph

I’m looking to create a cumulative line graph measuring cases closed over time in the month. Based on another Q&A (Cumulative months - #3 by andreab), I’ve created 3 calculated fields:

extract(‘DD’, {CLOSED_DATE})

extract(‘MM’, {CLOSED_DATE})

Cumulative Sum:
[{Day} ASC],

However, I’m getting breaks in the visual data and am unsure why. I’m assuming it may be to do with the fact I’m summing a count of IDs but would appreciate a solution.


Do you have case_id’s on these months and days?

If you don’t it won’t be able to count it.

This looks like an issue of missing data where you might need to add data to your dataset like a calendar.

Figured out the issue - it’s a formatting one rather than missing data. To solve I went to “Format visual” > “Y axis” > “Missing Data” and selected continuous line.