Custom aggregation field not allowed as a dimension

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Custom aggregation field not allowed as a dimension:
What is the reason customer aggregation field is not allowed as a dimension in Quicksight?

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Hello @QuickSightRokie !

My assumption is that dimension fields are generally used for categorizing qualitative data in BI tools and the Quicksight team followed that line of thinking. So, if you have an aggregated field or metric you would generally only apply that to a quantitative field well.

Depending on your use case there might be a good work around, what are you trying to accomplish in your visual?

Thank you so much for your reply @duncan!

I have calculated Metric1 as below
Metric1 = (x-y) / y

Now,I am trying to use the custom aggregation (Metric1) as dimension (Metric1 >= 70%).

Is there a workaround for this?

Thank you!

Hey @QuickSightRokie !

If I understand correctly you want to group by anything over 70% so I would recommend to try using an ifelse statement. Something like this:

{Metric1} >= .7,

Hey @QuickSightRokie !

Were you able to try the calculation I mentioned above?

Yes, thank you so much!

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