Custom confidence intervals

Is it possible to add custom confidence intervals like the ones included in a forecast? I have custom confidence intervals calculated but I can’t find a good way to display them (adding them as their own line gets messy quickly as I have several lines already, and it won’t be immidately obvious which confidence interval line belongs to which line). I want to add a shaded region above and below my line, similar to the orange shaded region created with a quicksight forecast (see below).
Any help appreciated,

Hi @teddy,
While QuickSight doesn’t have native support for confidence bands, there is a clever workaround to achieve this effect. You can overlay a line chart on top of a stacked area chart to create the desired confidence band. The stacked area chart would consist of two segments - one colored white and the other orange, representing the confidence band. By overlaying a line chart on this, you can achieve the desired visual effect.


Hi @Bchadha ,
Thanks for the response. I have mostly got this working now, some limitations I’ve found are: the y-axis scale must be fixed, or the area and line charts may end up with different scales; adding confidence intervals to multiple lines at once is difficult and impossible above a certain number (as the colours on the stacked chart must be manually set). It would be great to get confidence bands logged as a feature request if possible (not sure if there’s a link where I can do this?), something like fill_between() in matplotlab is a nice way of doing this imo.

Hi @teddy,
I do acknowledge the limitation of the work around and have marked it as a feature request.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or suggestions.