Custom email reports

Hi Quicksight community :slight_smile:

Not sure this post is in the right place but regarding this: Send custom branded email reports from Amazon QuickSight | AWS Big Data Blog
how to request admin permissions to allow me creating custom email reports ? Is it restricted to specific people? if yes, is there a way to ask for a new template to be created within my account ?

Thanks in advance for your support

Hi @Nicolas_cm - the administrator of your QuickSight account can add you as the Admin. It can be achieved through Manage Quicksight (Choose your user name on the application bar at the top right and then choose Manage QuickSight) > Manager Users (left menu) link. Here is the documentation: Managing user access inside Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight.

In case the administrator doesn’t agree to elevate your privilege. You can work with her/him to setup email customization.


Thank you @debapc for clarifying this :slight_smile:

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