Custom field not appearing in detailed tooltip

I have made a custom field for a formatted date that I want to use in a detailed tooltip. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t show up when I hover different data points for the clustered bar combo chart.

The field for Date was made using the following:

formatDate(date, 'dd-MM-yyyy')

See the screenshot below.

Hello @alj_pacho, my thought is that the date isn’t displaying properly because the formatDate function is returning a string. What if you tried using this function instead in the calculated field, it may yield better results:

parseDate(toString(${Date}), 'dd-MM-yyyy')

That way it will return a date format.

Thanks @DylanM. Just had a go now, but there is no option to choose UNIQUE VALUE for the displayed value. I’ve had the previous calculated field work for other visuals, just not for the clustered bar combo chart.


Hello @alj_pacho, how are you wanting to represent the date within the visual? I see the 30 Day Average appearing on your tooltip, are you aggregating the date field any further before utilizing it?

On the demo version of it that I created for testing I see the date value at the top, the value for the bar chart 2nd, and the value for the line graph third.

The date field will appear as the primary value above the section you posted called bars. Make sure you didn’t accidentally select to hide that field and you can try clicking the “Use primary value as title” checkbox to see if that helps!

I want to essentially have the same style of tooltip that I have for other visuals like in the screenshot below but for the combo chart.


I’ve purposely hidden the primary value as the date format is different to what I want in the tooltip. The primary value date is formatted for the x-axis and the calculated field that formats the date is only for the tooltip.


Hello @alj_pacho, I now see a little more clearly what the issue is that you are describing. If you are trying to add a tooltip for a field that you are not utilizing within the visual, you will experience the issue you outlined above where it would only allow for specific aggregations. If you want the visual representation you are looking for, you will have to utilize the date field implemented in the visual itself.

I do not believe there is a work-around to this at the moment.

Okay no problem! Appreciate the help anyways @DylanM

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