Custom Indicator Column using Calculated fields

I am trying to create a custom column to compare 2 fields (both calculated %s). I tried using the ifelse function: ifelse({Sales%}>={Cost%},1,0),
but it throws an error. Is there a way around this?

Is the cost % and sales % aggregations?

Can you wrap 1 & 0 in an aggregation?


They’re calculated fields & custom aggregates.
ifelse({Sales%}>={Cost%},avg(1),avg(0))->Didn’t work :face_exhaling:

What didn’t work? The syntax?

What are the Sales% and cost % calculations?

Ya, the syntax. Formulas I’m using-
Sales %: sum({Earnings Collected})/sum({Earnings Expected})
Cost %: Target*0.01

You need to aggregate the Cost%. Maybe avg(Target*.01)

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