Custom SQL and temp tables

Does quicksights allow this type of sql in the custom sql section? Can you have temp tables? thanks
IF OBJECT_ID (‘tempdb…#gptime’) IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE #gptime

No, no temp tables or variables, you can convert your temp tables to subqueries and they will execute, but they won’t perform quite as well. Better option is to schedule a job that will execute your sproc and create a table from it that QS can just Select * FROM table

However, would love the ability to execute a stored procedure in our custom sql!

Thanks so much for the info!

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If it is for a table that will be created within that run, maybe using WITH clause will help you, unless you need to create the temp table in another process and gather the info during this other query.

Thanks did try that out, it works great in the redshift but not for SQL as datasource. Thank you.