Custom SQL not retrieving rows

I’m trying to build a visualization using a Custom SQL . The query fetches data when I run in the database but in Quicksight it say " No data to preview. Try again later". In the custom SQL I use 3 tables. 2 of those are within the 1 schema whereas the 3rd is under a different schema. But all the 3 tables are within the same database/dataset. Any help will be really appreciated.

@Imon hard to say what the issue is. Can you paste a sample of your SQL?

What happens if you save the data set - does it contain any data? Maybe its just an issue with the preview…

Hi @Imon

It’s been a while since the original question and Jesse’s attempt to help. If the issue is still occurring please provide more info and we are happy to dig into it - otherwise we can close the query.

Ramon Lopez