Custom visual content without URL


I’m using a custom visual content visual just to add an explanation on the dashboard (no URLs, embedded content or images, just plain text.

As I’m not adding a URL, the message “Get started / Add URL for this visual / Customize visual” is shown. If I reduce the visual height to hide this message, the “(i)” icon is shown saying that the container is too small.

Custom visual

Is there a way to prevent this? I’d like to use plain text in the visual without any URL. I guess I could upload an image with the text instead, but this is something I’d like to avoid.


You should use an insight visual instead (without any computation) and customize its text.

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Thanks, @darcoli.

The “(i)” icon still shows up but at least the “Get started…” message does not.

Hi Pablo. If you make a visual too small to display the information then the (i) icon shows up. If you hover over the (i) what information do you get? If it says “Container is too small” then you either need to make that bigger or switch to Free Form layout (see here: Types of layout - Amazon QuickSight) where this has been disabled for insight visuals

Thanks, @lillie. The text is very short, so making the visual larger won’t look good.

In any case, I’ve removed the title from the insight visual and kept the subtitle only. This allowed me keep the size small without showing the (i) icon.

Thanks for the tips!