Custom Visuals with data passed by parameter


I want to asking questions regarding custom visuals in Quicksight.
I want to check if it’s possible the data is in Quicksight, and passed to the custom visual via parameter?
Or ideally the data is saved in the custom visuals and parameter only for taking values from the visuals?

Other question, I checked the action for URL Action inside quicksight, seems I only can pass the parameter if I clicked something in the custom visuals/chart not if I clicked the parameter.
If there’s any suggestion would be very appreciated!

Thank you!

Hi @consultantcon
by “custom visual” in you case you are meaning a visual outside of QS?

You can handover parameters to th visual.

Yes, you cant place a action on a parameter. But you should create a “submit” button.


Hi @ErikG

Thanks for your reply,
but I see this video seems there’s no need for “Submit” button

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Hi would appreciate to help how to do like in the video shared