Custom Week Aggregation in Pivot table

Hey All,
I have data at day level presented in a pivot table.
I want to present it at week level.
Use the default hierarchy available the week aggregation is Mon to Sun.
I want to do a Thurs to Fri calculation for week.
Is that possible?

Hey ,
Does anyone have any idea about this?

It’s a short week of only 2 days then ;).

What you could do it filter out all the other days (Saturday → Wednesday). And put the aggregation on weekly. Then you’ve got the weeks of only Thursday to Friday.

Hey @Jeroen_O ,
Sorry, I wrote it wrong…My week will be Thursday- Wednesday instead of Mon-Sun.
Can I change that.

Hey @Jesse , @emilyzhu
Could you please help me in knowing, if this is possible by any chance.

Thanks in advance !

No you can’t easily. You can though do calculations by adding days to the current days, so that they fall in the right corresponding week number you want. For example

A Monday date 2-5-2022 + INTERVAL 3 will cause it show in the right week number for you.

Hi @Ummehaani, currently you will have to use calculation to 1) add offset to the date to use the time granularity functionality available (drill up down through the time hierarchy), or 2) to define a separate week dimension based on some ifelse condition using the mod() function.
We are going to work on the feature of custom calendar for user to specify the start of week/month/year… target to deliver the feature sometime next year.

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Hi @Ummehaani And @Jeroen_O
We are now supporting custom week start feature. Please let us know if any feedbkack thanks! QuickSight launches Custom Week Start

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Thanks for the update @emilyzhu! :tada: