Customer Benchmarking Using Horizontal Stacked Bar and Scatter

Hello Quicksight Community,

I am looking to do a benchmark analysis composed of 2 - 3 widgets. see Figure 1.

Widget 1: Pivot table showing some group a sub group and an average value
Widget 2: Stacked Bar chart showing a heat map see image
Widget 3: Scatter to show positions of average on the bar chat
Figure 1

The only reasonable way I see to do this is to:

  • Create a 100% horizontal stacked bar chart with data that is static so as to show ranges of values. ie 0-5% 6-15% 15-35% etc and color accordingly.

  • Create a scatter that has a static y value that would align with a bar and then an x value that aligns with a percent so that the dots look as though they fall somewhere along the bar, then to make everything in the scatter transparent.

  • do some math to get sizing and spacing correct within the charts.

My Question is:

Is there a better way to do this? My hacky solution it has drawbacks in that I have to make multiple scatter plots overlain on top of each other to make data labels and call outs on the bar chart, in addition to this the selectable data is only what’s on the top layer.

It is a real pain to align the pivot rows and the bar chart, It looks like I need to do pixel math to get this right in the UI with a mouse.

Feature Request(s):

  • When a pivot table is created it would be great to be able to have a horizontal bar chart that is connected to the data and aligns with the rows of the pivots.
  • It would also be great to be able to add scatter bar chart combo.
  • Being able to add data callouts using x,y or free align within a chart would be nice.

For your first request have you looked into this?

It’s only for regular tables and there is a feature request out there to get a pivot table as well.

I can mark the other two as feature requests.

We have done what you are doing in the past by overlaying visuals on top of each other.

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Thanks for the response.
Ill update this thread once we create the final solution so others can figure out how best to align pivots and charts with overlays.

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@Tyler_Cowan Let us know how this is going. Did @Max’s solution help?

Hi Kristin,
Still working on this, Max’s solution is not really what I am looking for.

I think what you’re looking for will need to be a feature request.

I can mark it as one.