Customer Query fail to populate data for analysis

Hi! I have created a custom join query for 2 database, it looks ok at dataset level, but fail to populate data for analysis… Seeking expert here for advice.

Have you made sure you published your new changes?

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Hi! Max,
Yes save & publish many times…
Problem persist… It will be running few minutes till error as shown above,

Hi @waisal01 - For this kind of issues, it will be good to raise a ticket to AWS Customer support team with the request ID so that they can validate issue from internal logs. Also, is it possible to bring 2 tables to data set page and join it from QuickSight rather do the join at custom sql, In custom sql you can filter the data only.

To raise the request, please follow the link - Creating a dataset using Amazon S3 files - Amazon QuickSight

Regards - Sanjeeb

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