Customize Console Embedding UI


We have successfully embedded the quicksight console into our SaaS IoT solution (100% serverless IoT platform on AWS).

What we really miss is a better console visual integration with our solution.

We want to move from this current integration:

To an improved visual integration like this:

In fact, the latter is a real screenshot taken after changing (by hand) some quicksight css styles inside the iframe:


As we can’t change internal iframe css classes at runtime, is it possible to achieve that level of visual integration?

Maybe following some procedure similar to the existing one for classname option for the iframe:

The idea is to override a few attributes in the internal classes (e.g.: .svg-icon-container, etc.) or provide custom css classes in the embedding invocation request.

It’d be great to have this feature available (similiar to the existing classname for the iframe) making quicksight integration seamless and user friendly.

Thank you for your help.

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I’ll mark this as a feature request!