Dashboard Access through email

If you have SSO set up and you schedule a report email from quicksight, when you click on view this dashboard from the email it takes you to the login and password page and doesn’t take you to the report via SSO.

Is there a way round this?

hi @DianaMaldonado,

if the SSO session is still active on your browser, it shouldn’t take you to the login and password page. it should go to the dashbaord directly. would you be able to check if your SSO session is active or not before clicking the link in the email?

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Hello @DianaMaldonado, did Wakana’s response help resolve the issue you were facing in QuickSight? If so, feel free to mark her response as a solution. If not, follow up with some more information about the problem you are facing so we can guide you to a solution.

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Hi @DianaMaldonado - There are two ways of doing SSO, IdP-initiated (Identity Provider, aka Okta/Azure/Ping/etc) and SP-initiated (Service Provider, aka QuickSight). Sounds like currently you probably have IdP-initiated configured, meaning the users always go to the IdP first and then launch QuickSight from there. In this case QS doesn’t know where to send users if they visit QS directly (like from the link in the email report). If instead you configure SP-initiated, then QS can send the user to the IdP if they dont already have an active session. See more about configuring SP-initiated here: Setting up service provider–initiated federation with Amazon QuickSight Enterprise edition - Amazon QuickSight


Hi @Wakana,

Sorry for late reply. Thank you for your reply.
It seems it is not active.

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Diana Maldonado.

Hello @DylanM,

Thank you for following up my question.
We are reading what @Jesse shared and this will be very helpful.

Thank you @Jesse! The information you shared is very helpful.

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