Dashboard Analysis & Controls not loading on Microsoft Edge properly

Hi all

We are having issues with both our embedded dashboards and loading dashboards on Quicksight where Filters and Analysis are not loading correctly and are coming through either blank or ask for a refresh.

This appears to be affecting multiple users and is happening randomly. These issues are not happening on any other browser besides Microsoft Edge


I run Edge Chromium exclusively and have not seen this. I even re-enabled my Ad Blocker (uBlock Origin) and still had my Analysis Dashboards load fine. Please let us know the Edge version and what extensions are running. - maybe someone will have an idea.

We are all running version 96.0.1054.34, including clients. The only extension I have personally is Loom. I do not know the others extensions but theres at least 3 other people having this issue that we know off.

Hi Jake. We also were unable to reproduce this. Let us know if you are still experiencing this issue