Dashboard Annotations

I think it would be very useful to add an annotation function for authors to markup metrics or visuals on an analysis or dashboard.

The current options today limit you to a text box next to the visual. While it is nice that you can add a URL or parameter in the text content, being able to tie an annotation to a specific visual or mark within a visual would be very helpful for many

Are there any other options available for annotations on dashboards today?


Hello @0xf, I just want to make sure and clarify the exact details you are asking for here because I don’t believe there is any functionality like this currently available. Are you talking about a way for the user who is looking at a dashboard to be able to leave notes related to specific visuals that other users with “reader level” access would be able to see? Or are you thinking of specifically an admin level tool that would just be for individual use and something only themselves or other admins would see?

Hello @0xf, do you mind clarifying on your feature request based on the questions I asked above? I can archive the request after, I just want to make sure the request is well documented.

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Hey @DylanM , my question/suggestion is more of the former, a functionality that would allow authors and admins to leave persistent annotations (text, markups, hyperlinks) on analyses and dashboards for any other user to view when that analysis or dashboard is loaded. Or perhaps controlling the visibility to other user groups if it’s a privileged annotation.

We’re using text boxes today, but it may be nice to have annotations that are directly tied to metrics or visuals without having to reference the context in the text box

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Hello @0xf, thanks for clarifying. I will leave this marked as a feature request and archive the topic. If you need any further help, feel free to post a new question in the community so you will be at the top of the priority list for a response from a QuickSight expert. Thank you!