Dashboard “Free-form” Layout - Fit To Window

I have created a dashboard, and all the widgets display correctly on my laptop screen. However, when I share the dashboard with another user, they encounter an issue where the widgets don’t fit the window, and a scroll bar appears. This issue is resolved when they select the ‘Fit to Window’ view, but is there a way to have this option selected by default?

Hi @teja1
you can define the resolution

Hi @ErikG,

Thank you for the response. I’ve already attempted this solution, but the visuals in the Dashboard appear as tables and are excessively wide. Decreasing the resolution didn’t help me. Is there another method I can try to address this?

What resolution are you and your colleagues using?
Did you adjust the width of the visuals to the lower resolution?

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Hi @ErikG, we are currently using a 1600px default resolution but we tried to solve the issue by decreasing the width of the visuals. for now, there is no issue.

Thank you

Hi @teja1
could you please solve the topic, if there is no issue anymore?