Dashboard pie chart not showing the correct information

Our team created a FinOps dashboard. We have a spreadsheet that feeds the dashboard with updates. The spreadsheet shows a column that includes forecasted and completed. In the dashboard, Completed shows, in the pie chart, as one piece of the pie which is correct. The Forecasted shows up as two pieces of the pie which is not correct.
I have checked the spreadsheet and it is correct. Any suggestions on what I can check?

Hi Maggie,

Can you please share a output of pie chart (you can with mask/hide data values if its sensitive). Pie chart should shows a slice for each unique label. Have you checked data labels or tool tip for two slices representing forecasted value. Do you have null values in dataset?

Anwar Ali

Hi Anwar. I have checked the data labels and any null values. I will try the tool tip as you suggested. I will also need to do some research on how to mask the data. Once I find out I will share that information. Thanks for your suggestions.