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My team is asked to build a dashboard in a table format, and we have an Excel template for it. I’ve gather all the individual tables for each of my data source, but I find it difficult to put them all in a big table because they’re from different data sources with different filters. I tried the free-form but it’s really challenging to create lines and boxes. Is there an easy way to create an Excel-like dashboard with multiple data sources and filters? Or should I just report in Excel?

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You have different datasets from different datasources, and you want a Single Visual (table in your case) to display all these data together.

If that’s correct, QuickSight doesn’t allow you to achieve this. Each visual can only be linked to a single dataset.

However, if all these datasets are interconnected, for example, if datasetA’s user_id corresponds to datasetB’s account_id, and datasetB’s product_category matches datasetC’s category_id, and so forth, you have the option.

In this scenario, you can select one of your multiple datasets and add another dataset to it while maintaining the appropriate relationships. (ref the screenshot)

Now, let’s move on to dashboard design. You can create something similar to this, where all these visuals are linked to a single dataset that contains all the necessary data.

It’s not precisely like Excel, but it’s quite similar. Additionally, all the visuals are interconnected. This means that if the filter criteria change, all of them will be updated accordingly.

Thank you for the responses. It is very helpful, and potentially save me a lot of time. Another question, is there an easy way to link or export data to Excel?

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When you publish the analysis as a dashboard, It has an option if users can export the data or not, if you choose yes, then users can click on 3 dots on the top right of the visual and export it as Excel.

When you publish the dashboard

on the dashboard
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