Dashboard VS Analysis regarding "Q" feature

I start using “Q” feature and i have created also some filters and Named Entities in Topic and all good . The problem is that everything is fine just in analysis not in dashboard too. After i publish the dashboard and i am trying to write or ask anything i got an error about field calculation.

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can you provide some details? what does your calculation look like? and what error do you see in your dashboard?
thank you.

Hello Asem,

Sincerely i will send you some printscreen because the problem is hard to explain. In large the issue is that the topic sometimes i can use it simetimes no. Then the topic sometimes work in analysis but not in Dashboard view and inverse. So in conclusion i want to understand the Q feature depends on what exactly as settings.

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Thank you for this information. Named entities should be able to return the data just by referring to the name, as you do. Can you also try ‘show me report’.

I see you are previewing the generative BI component of Q. If you switch back to the standard Q (without enabling the preview of the generative capabilities), does Q return back a table when you ask ‘report’ or ‘show me report’?
Can you test that out?

Hello Asem,

Aparently been a internal problem with quicksight because today when i connect my dashboard everything was working accordingly.

Thank you so much for your time Asem.

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