Dashboards - same name

Hi guys,
I realized that we can publish dashboard with same name the other one. How can we identify the real one in that case?



each dashboard, analysis, dataset, etc. has his own id. When you click on a dashboard, it is the string after ā€œ/dashboard/ā€ in the url. When you create the dashboards with the api, you can even give them readable names.

Otherwise you see the updated x days ago under the dashboard name and could determine the original with this.

And you can look up, which users have access to the dashboard, to see which one is used.

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Tks Thomask. All clear now. Sorry for my simple questions. Iā€™m trying to compare it with other tools I have experience with. For me it is important to have:
Semantic layer, publishing reports and how to manage changes of Dashboards already published.