Dashboards usage monitor


Is there a way to monitor Dashboard Usage?
I would like to analyze the traffic of the dashboards, wich users are accessing them and when.

Hi @gabriel_kirst, you can track metrics such as the number of dashboard views and dashboard updates using AWS CloudTrail.

Here are some of the non-api events you can log using cloudtrail.

To begin, you would need to create a trail to deliver CloudTrail log files to an S3 bucket. CloudTrail is enabled for your AWS account by default. Then you can query your S3 bucket using Athena, then create a second Athena query to parse the data in the CloudTrail log files. For example, the serviceEventDetails field is will be JSON, so you will need to use this second query to parse it out into a more tabular format. Then connect QuickSight to your Athena query or copy/paste your second query as custom SQL into a QuickSight dataset. Then you can build a dashboard using the CloudTrail logs data to display metrics on dashboard usage and many other events in QuickSight.

Here is some additional information to help you get started.