Data Catalog Vendor Partners w/ QuickSight?

Hi - We are exploring data catalog vendors and wondered if QuickSight has any existing integrations with data catalog/governance providers such as Atlan, Castor, Alaton, etc.

I see other BI vendors listed on their integration sites, but wondered if QuickSight has established any relationships yet with these complementary tools.

We are currently using Glue’s data catalog for some use cases, but are looking for a more customizable data catalog solution that can fit into our analytics stack and provide a way to expose information to both internal teams and to customers that may be utilizing datasets or data warehouse tables for other use cases.


Hello @bkasen !

I’m not sure about the other two but it looks like Atlan markets an integration with Quicksight in the AWS marketplace.

AWS Marketplace: Atlan - Professional Services for Modern Data Workspace for AWS.

Let me know if this is what you were looking for!