Data filtering for associated tables

I want to create filtering to retrieve data between different tables.

for example)

The table below is the first table.

Column A Column B
Data A Data a
Data B Data b
Data C Data c
Data A Data b

The table below is the second table.

Column B Column C
Data a Data 1
Data b Data 2
Data c Data 3
Data a Data 5

So I want to group by column A of the first table.
When I click on column A, I want to refer to column B to check column C of the second table.

It will proceed as the steps below.

  1. Click Data A (Group by).
  2. By checking reference data column B, you can check Data a and b, and data 1 and 2 of the second table.

In conclusion, the process
[First Table] A Click → [First Table] B Column Reference → [Second Table] B Column Check → [Second Table] Check Column C

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Hello @kyeongseok_bae, welcome to the QuickSight community!

Depending on the value type for your column B, the best way to manage this may be through a navigation action, where you would set a parameter value related to column B and filter the 2nd table based on the result.

The order of operations would be, create a parameter for column B and you can provide the default option based on the recommended default for the value type. You will see the recommended default for all values by hovering over the icon next to the option:

Then you would create an action on the first table, select navigation for the dropdown, link it to the same sheet, and use it to set a parameter value:

Last, you can apply filtering to the 2nd table for Column B where it will equal the parameter option you have created.

Let me know if this helps!

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Thank you for your reply.
but i’m sorry, I think my explanation was a little wrong.

I tried what you said and the parameter change worked well.
However, if i click on one, i can only see one result.

I want to see multiple results

table example)
changed) The table below is the first table

Column AColumn B
Data A2
Data B1
Data C1

2nd table remains un changed

When configured with these tables, is it possible to see multiple results?
In the case above, if i proceed as instructed, the Parameter result value will contain a number like ‘2’ or ‘1’

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Hello @kyeongseok_bae, it wouldn’t be a direct filter from the table, but you could add a control linked to a multi-value paramter. That would allow a user to select the options from column B they would want to see in the 2nd table and be able to filter for more than 1. You could set the filter to only update the 2nd table so the first one remains un-impacted. That might be the best way to manage this. I’ll link some documentation below:

Let me know if this works better for your use-case!

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thank you It seems that the function I want is not supported by quicksight.

However, I will proceed with the method you suggested as the second best! thank you

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Hello @kyeongseok_bae, thank you for following up. I will mark my suggested work-around as the solution, but please let me know if you have any remaining questions. Thank you!

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