Data is missing in SPICE dataset

The SPICE dataset and daily refresh was working fine previously, but recently we noticed that the data for few dates are entirely missing. We’ve seen it three times so far and the missing dates are random picked. Every time the dashboard became normal after a manual refresh. Hoping to know why it would happen and how to fix it.

Current data size is around 4.6M and 5.7GB.

I am also seeing this issue. It does not happen with a direct query. Any help please?


A manual refresh will reload all the data from the source system into SPICE . In your scenario , this is 4.6 M records ( Refreshing SPICE data - Amazon QuickSight ) .
A direct query will send a live query to the source system and retrieve results.

  1. what is data source ?
  2. how is SPICE refresh triggered at your end ( Scheduled or through API ) ?
  3. Are there any processes running in the backend (source) on the same tables at the time when a request for refresh was issued by QuickSight ?
  4. Is the refresh on SPICE a full refresh or an incremental refresh ?
  5. If the refresh is scheduled through QuickSight console , in the dataset (view history ) : is there a difference in records ingested ?
  6. Once the refresh was complete were you saw missing dates, what is the total count of records in SPICE ? . Was it lesser than 4.6M and was this cross-verified with records in the source system ?
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Hi @Jiaye_Liu. Has this been resolved? If so, please help the community by marking the appropriate post as “Solution”. If you still need assistance, please provide additional detail. If this is no longer relevant after seven days, we will archive this question. Thanks!