Data labels inside a Legend

Is there a way I can show data labels with a Legend?

Lets say I have a donut chart with categories as A, B, C with values 64, 20, 16 respectively,

Can I have legend instead of just displaying A, B, C and data labels on the chart representing, values or percent or both, is it possible to display A (64), B (20), C(16) as the legend?

Hello @nishanth_m, currently there is not functionality available to show the Category name and value in the Legend for a visual.

There are a lot of options to customize the data label to display the metric value and percent, as well as the category name on the visual itself. You can also customize where those labels display on the visual.

Another option would be to utilize the detailed tooltip option to customize the values that will display when a user hovers over a specific category on the donut chart.

Since these are just alternative options though, I can tag your question as a feature request. At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by the customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service. Thank you!

Hi @nishanth_m
as @DylanM said you could use some workarounds.
Like your own legend :wink:


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@DylanM @ErikG Could you please furnish a set of instructions detailing the steps to accomplish that workaround?

Hi @nishanth_m
it is actually a donat and table visual with the same data.
It will work as long as you define fix color to each group/color element.

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Great suggestion @ErikG! That is an excellent idea. I can mark your work-around as a solution, but I will make sure to leave the original question tagged as a feature request as well. I hope this provides an alternative that at least manages your use case for now @nishanth_m


Thank you both @ErikG , @DylanM