Data Preparation, Manipulation, Transformation, etc

When gathering data for our clients we typically get this data in a variety of ways from 3rd party sources. Sometimes it comes to us in a scheduled export through an email attachment, an Excel file can be dropped into a cloud storage folder, or we pull data directly from a database.

In most of these cases, the data is not a good format in its raw form. We need to do a lot of data manipulation first before importing it into our own application’s database. Currently this is done by using a combination of Microsoft Power Automate (gets triggered by different events) and Power Query inside of Excel.

I’m curious what tools others are using to prepare their data in similar scenarios. For example, Tableau has a tool called Tableau Prep. Are there other tools out there that people like?


Hi Corey, what are the transformations do you have during data preparation. Can you do those in QuickSight?

QuickSight does support cross source joins between JSON and Excel files, which can either be uploaded from local system or read from AWS S3.

I think these questions would be easier to answer if we had a call and I could show you what I’m doing. Is having a call with a screen share an option?


Hi Corey. We wouldn’t be able to have a call, but let us know if there is addition information you could share as we would like to work to a resolution for you

Hi @CoreyLeichty. Has this been resolved? If so, please help the community by marking the appropriate post as “Solution”. If you still need assistance, please provide additional detail. Thanks!

My AWS account manager is working on setting up some training for us on AWS tools that might be able to solve this scenario.

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