Data table pagination only showing after I click on table

Hello! I have created a data table in my dashboard. The user can scroll to see all the records in the table because they often don’t fit in the determined height for the table. However, I have noticed that in the dashboard, this part (image below) that shows how many records, pages, etc. only shows up when I click on the table. If I click off of the table or on a different visual in the dashboard this display disappears. Is there a way to always have this appear?

Hi kakervall,
Currently there isn’t a way in Amazon QuickSight to always display table pagination details when not actively viewing that table. The pagination display only shows when clicking on the table visual itself. you can submitting a feature request to the QuickSight team explaining your use case and desire for this capability.

Thanks for letting me know! Appreciate it!

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Hello @kakervall, I went ahead and tagged this as a feature request and I’ll archive the topic for our support team. Thank you for your feedback!