Data Visualization software real-time aggregation analytics for K-12 student remote learners

Can QuickSight be used as a K-12 school Data Visualization software with real-time aggregation analytics?

I need an application that connects to the K-12 student chromebook through most wireless carrier hotspots, USB and IOT modems and provides real-time data, alerts and visualization capabilities for K-12 school administrators and K-12 tech directors. This is the data management part of the application. The software should enable K-12 schools to manage multiple networks and accounts across all devices, as well as providing web filtering, firewalls and malware detection.

Then there is the data visualization part of the application. The mobile remote devise data sought includes the following: homework online hours, average homework hours online, per month, hour, day, data usage by hour and day, active devices used, dominant, etc. data usage stats, total URL requests, allowed and denied domains, devices checked in and out, due date, etc.

Quicksight can be used as a data visualization tool.

However, it doesn’t have the ability to update with “real-time” it can only update data based on direct query or spice.

I think the majority of your work would be on how to get data into qucksight.

You can look into this.