Dataset Calculated fields

If I use add new calculated field using multiple already added calculated fields and other columns, during the dataset refresh would the fields be calculated with priority based on dependency?

It depends on the calculated field.

For aggregations such as sums , avgs it will calculate that when your visual loads. You’ll notice that your dataset calculated fields are unavailable. These aggregations take into affect how you are displaying int visually (how you are grouping it) as well as filters that you have on your visual.

However, if they are not aggregated, then it will work as how you described.

My year_new field is a calculated field based off of the year column. All the other fields are calculated aggregations.

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks for the solution, Max.
Wish there were out-of-box access report from Quicksight available to admin, as auditors would prefer system generated access reports.