Dataset Direct Query Timeout

When I click “edit dataset” in QS, it is timeout. see error below. Is it related to admin configuration?

sourceErrorMessage:Server execution exceeded 46 seconds, which is calculated based on client TTL and service config

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hey @jjc can you add more details here? like the request id, region, the connector you were trying to use and what step did you get this error?

I’m getting similar error too. I get this at the step of editing. I’m not able to save the changed data set query to data source. Save button shows disabled.

I’m using with N.Virgina with amazon bi account

region: us-east-1
timestamp: 1649109787712
requestId: 8688f003-7de3-44f6-aabc-38a23982bbc6

Hi Rashitha,

I did the same step as you did to get the DATA_SOURCE_TIMEOUT.

What I did temporarily is:
(1) make a copy of dataset to backup the timeout error
(2) remove the trouble data source with timeout error
(3) add the data source again

but the issue is with custom sql: if you have complicated sql written in that dataset, you need to rewrite. It will be easier if you have a backup of you sql query.