Dataset import error

I tried to create a datasource using a view from my database, while importing the dataset i am getting these type of error. Can anyone help me solve this?

sourceErrorMessage:The LongVarBinary type is not supported. Incorrect Column Type at Index 80 for Column my_test_column with DataprepLogicalType String

Hello Varsha,

What kind of datasource you have ? is it RDS or Redshift or any other ?
As per the error message - SQL_SCHEMA_MISMATCH_ERROR – The data source schema doesn’t match the Amazon QuickSight dataset. Update your Amazon QuickSight dataset definition.
See for more info - Error codes during data import - Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight currently supports the following primitive data types: Date, Decimal, Integer, String. QuickSight accepts Boolean values by promoting them to integers.

Make sure that any table or file that you use as a data source contains only fields that can be implicitly converted to these data types.
See for more info here - Supported data types and values - Amazon QuickSight

Hope this gives some insight to troubleshoot.

Hello @VarshaSaravanan !

I am going to mark @Deep 's comment as the solution for now. If you still need help with this problem please feel free to post at the top of community so that it is a priority for the community experts!