Dataset joins


I have 2 dataset,
1- Employee Master which has employee details including Date of Joining(DOJ) and Date of exit(DOE)
2- Have created a Calendar master dataset

Now i am trying to join Date column from calendar table to column in employee masters DOJ and DOE such that i can use them to do calculation but i am not able to connect both of them at a time.

In powerBI we had a function userelationship, using which we can connect 2 dataset with multiple columns and dedice when to use what connection. Is there a similar workaround for this in quicksight or any inbuilt calendar function which i can use directly in my employee master table.


You should use the ID of tables in joins if your data design allow you. You will face some issue in timestamp.

This may help you


Hello @Kushal_Garg - Unfortunately, right now there’s no concept of Active/Inactive relationship in QuickSight as of now. It only supports Active relationship. You need to create 2 Calendar Tables here and join them separately - one with DOJ and another one with DOE. Hope this helps!