Dataset Not Updating in Analysis

Hi, I have a dataset that uses a custom SQL Query to fetcha data, this is the response I get from the query:

As you can see I get data from the month 2023-2 and 2023-3.

However when I try to use this data in an analysis it wont show the month 3:

My question is: why am I not seeing the full data in the analysis? I have no filters on the table or the dataset, any help is greatly appreciated!

hi @TerraEnergy, Can you do one more time means delete your existing datasets and analysis and create one more new datasets with new analysis with your Custom Sql.
Try this way if you facing issues please let us know.

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I don’t know if this will change anything, but why is your date column showing as datatype ‘string’?

Also, could you screen shot more of the page so we can see the field wells and the side pane.

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