Dataset parameters - can they be used to specify the schema and table name?

can the data set parameter be used to specify schema/table name? e.g: select * from <<$schema>>.<<$table>> where dwh_load_date > add_days(‘day’,<<$LastNDays>>, current_date)

Yes that should work.



I am trying to accomplish this same use case by using a Dataset parameter to specify the customer specific schema to query from. We have customer data physically separated by schema and based on the customer, we’d like to query from the relevant db schema for that user.

I believe I’m setting this up correctly, but I’m getting an error message. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong here in this setup?

I suspect it’s related to the single quotes perhaps based on the Error Details, but I’m not certain.

Can someone confirm if parameters can be used to dynamically query across schemas?

Below are some screenshots for how I currently have it set up:



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@darcoli - any suggestions here to the issue I’m facing?

It seems that for string parameters, QuickSight automatically adds enclosing single quotes. I think it is best to request a feature request to have the option not to automatically add the quotes - that is especially useful when building the query in SQL.