Dataset Parameters


I have a dataset called “Order_Statuses” that includes among other fields, a field called “osts_profile”.

The “Order_Statuses” data set is used for two different datasets.

Each of them should have a different “ost_profile”.

I want to optimize the process and reduce the information that goes to each of the two data sets that are used “Order_Status”, so I created a parameter for the “osts_profile”, so that i could implement different “osts_profile” values by the custom_SQL for any of them.

Unfortionatlly i dont success to do it, because when I add the “Order_Statuses” dataset, I have no access to custom SQL.

Could anyone help me with that?



Hi Noy,

so you are joining two datasets in Quicksight correct? And ost_profile has different values?

I think you can filter the dataset after the join, so you dont need the custom SQL for this.


Hi @thomask
Thats correct. And you are right, I can filter after the join- but I want to join only the right values because join and that filter are expensive and not effective.