Dataset refresh issue - rows skipped

I have a dataset sourcing and joining data from another dataset, a simple custom SQL ,and two file uploads.
My dataset refresh is happening but it shows following message:

  • Some of the rows scanned from the source tables were skipped.

Is there a way to find which rows were skipped and why?

Hi, QuickSight has been working on a revamped design for the Dataset Details popup. I think the new design will give you more info about the skipped rows – at least the “why”, as well as which table the rows came from.

The new design should be launched early August 2022 (2-3 weeks from now). Hopefully it’ll help, but I’ll keep an eye on this Question in case you’re still having issues even after the launch.

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Hi @pkiran, here is a guide on how to troubleshoot skipped row errors.

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