Dataset Refresh Time


I want to add the latest Dataset Refresh by considering the maximum of a date column in my dataset. I tried achieving this via an Insight but I am getting a wrong date value for the same. I even created a calculated field that gives me the max(date column) but do not know how to use it. Can anyone help me with this please?

Thanks Tanisha


Also sharing error message I receive upon trying to rank the dates. attaching screenshot below:


Below is a screenshot showing exactly what my narrative says:

Update: I have accomplished this with the help of SQL. I’m looking to do this purely visually

Hi Tanisha, Have you ever tried calculated field for this? I could do that via these steps:

  1. Creating a calculated field as below:
    Last Updated = max(date column)
  2. add a table to the sheet and add “Last Updated” field to value
  3. Change the format and and change the format and column name as required
    Now a single column table can show the last updated value like this:

Hi Farid!

This works perfectly! :slight_smile: Thanks…


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